Health expo full of magical moments

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Crowds talked healthy teeth, “tapped” on past trauma and consumed plenty of raw food at the second Golden Bay Health Expo at the weekend.

Organisers Ng Ang, Shanti Smith and Berdina Brinkman have made the expo into a larger two-day event at Golden Bay High School.

Mr Ang said although he would have loved to have seen more people enjoying the event, overall it panned out exactly as he hoped it would.

“The concert last night was so good,” he said. “We’ve established a new model of healing and health through the arts, and 120 or so people were at the concert last night. There were just so many magical moments.”

Visitors attended workshops such as how to treat knees, hips, and back without surgery, a common sense approach to optimum well-being and the benefits of colon hydrotherapy”.

Native American artist and performer Jim Yellowhawk, who was wearing his traditional regalia, offered a traditional Cheyenne River Sioux tribe dance and flute.

Circus performers, the Hoop Hooligans, who are The Quizzical Mr Jeff and Rewi Elffyre, struck several poses and worked with children to create hoop tricks for an admiring crowd. They’d just arrived back in New Zealand after touring Europe and the United States.

Last night award-winning Wellington band Tunes of I headlined at the final concert. The group was supported by Golden Bay-based band, the Gypsy Pickers, and local harpist Lethea Erz.

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