Lakota Way 2014 Wall Calendar

the-lakota-way-jim-yellowhawkThe Lakota Way wall calendar features original art from Lakota and Iroquois artist Jim Yellowhawk and text by author Joseph M. Marshall III. Each spread includes the Lakota names for the months, such as “When Geese Return” and “When Leaves Fall.” Marshall’s text presents a traditional Lakota virtue for each month, guiding the reader along the Lakota path of wisdom.
Marshall is a teacher, historian, Lakota craftsman and writer. He has authored several screenplays in addition to fifteen books, including the highly acclaimed Walking with Grandfather, The Lakota Way and The Journey of Crazy Horse. Marshall is a member of the Rosebud Sioux Tribe and was involved with the television miniseries Into the West as narrator, actor and consultant.

Artist Jim Yellowhawk, who views everything as a possible canvas, uses diverse media to create authentic and striking images that are evocative of Lakota star knowledge and the unique Lakota way of life.

Author: Joseph M Marshall III
Artist: Jim Yellowhawk
12″ x 12″
Price: $14.99 Order Online Here

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