The Art of Restorative Justice: Art as healing Workshop

jim-resurrection-yellowhawkLeaven Center in Lyons, Michigan, Friday February 20 – Sunday February 22, 2009 Check for details

In this gathering art and dialogue – both critical to our development as human beings – will be experienced and practiced. Alongside the visual art of Jim Yellowhawk, the presenters will share film clips, inspiration from the natural world, insights from elders and more.
Find out how you can use art in your work settings, classrooms, in community, family, and in any setting where the spiritual, emotional, physical, and intellectual impact of various issues can be explored and embraced.

Children and elders are welcome and encouraged to join us!

There is no word for art in Native languages. Art serves everyday purposes to make the ordinary extraordinary. Art is part of the concept of WoLakota, a philosophy that reflects a way of life that is in balance and harmony.

Justice. A sense of what is right can emerge from art. Just as art can encourage us to look at historic injustices, art can also offer a balm to us, a vision of what can be as we begin nurturing healthy identities and imagine truly constructive purposes for our life.
Art can nurture us on our paths to becoming both whole and beautiful to be- hold.
This gathering at the Leaven Center, will be facilitated by Indigenous Issues Forums (IIF) team: Harley Eagle (Dakota), Jim (Lakota/Onondaga) and Ruth Yellowhawk (Wyandot)
IIF believes in the power and beauty of the human Spirit, in the transformative strength of language, in noticing what can happen when people are given the liberty to break through false constructs and constraints that too often serve to dis-integrate identity, community, and nature. Our gatherings support natural movement towards wholeness, and we reflect a disciplined and family centered approach to our growth.

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